Remote Asset Management

Business Need

Lower cost of operations

Optimize energy utilization

Energy measurement

Carbon Emission Reduction

Business Benefits

For the End User:

Ability to view the status of Assets anytime, Anywhere & Faster service response from dealer

Faster response time and less operations cost for machine configuration requests that could be serviced remotely

For the Manufacturer:

Ability to view the entire population of connected products to gather marketing data and product trends & Increased trouble shooting ability for Manufacturer’s tech support

Solution Highlights

Batching Plant

Monitoring of Batching Plant Utilization factor

Purchase & Inventory planning -Sites located remotely need material on time but not in excess

Quantity of Output (Concrete Mixture Grades) from Batching Plants

Monitoring of Project Progress and Project Costs –Planned Vs. Actual

Diesel Generator Sets

Monitoring of a DG set at a Remote Site for Fuel Utilization and Loads during the day

Reports -Fuel Level/ Actual Consumption, Day Wise Load Distribution, DG On/ Off status

Exception reporting -Sudden Rise/ Drop in Fuel Level Potential Fuel Theft


Monitor Crane Run Hour at Remote Sites

Monitor Safety Limits of the Weight being lifted

Alignment of the weight

Status of Crane (Crane ON / OFF)

Monitoring of Lubrication oil Pressure

Packaging Machines

Remote Monitoring and control of PLC Machines

Enabling Field Engineers to remotely view and change PLC parameters as necessary across all sites instead of having to visit the sites physically

Digital Design Technology