Complete Automated Educational Institution Management Application

Solve Academic & Administrative Problems with DDT ERP

  • Administration

    The Administration Panel Help in the Complete Working Process of the Application. Administrator give rights to each user & handle overall funtionality of the application.

  • Settings

    The Setting Module takes Care Of The Master entries & takes care of the Universal data in the application.

  • Students

    This Module Helps in complete Automation of Students & there Academic operations.

  • Employee

    The Employee Module Helps in Managing the complete Functionality of staff of the institution .

  • Examination

    The Examination Panel Helps In Managing The Exam Section Of the Institution.

  • Finance & Accounts

    The Finance & Account module takes care of each & every transaction done. The Comprehensive Fee classification system and Accounts model help user manage the work easily.

  • Leave

    The leave module helps managing Employees Leaves • Create types of leaves in the institutions. • Employees can apply for leave online. • Automatic Loss of pay calculation.

  • Messages

    The Message Panel helps in sending the transactional and promotional SMS to students and parents. Easy and quick way to send messages to any user of the system

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